Business Services

Boston Laundry, Inc. is offering services for

Some of the businesses we currently offer our services to are mentioned below. If yours is not shown, please feel free to call us to start serving you!

Fitness Clubs and Gym Laundry Service

We understand that you want to provide your members with fresh towels and robes, so they can add to the list of your excellent services. Which is why it is highly important for your facility to be stocked with fresh towels and robes, members can grab after a workout, or on their way to the steam room. With our laundry services, we will be able to help you maintain your excellent services, and your reputation.

Massage Therapists and Spas Laundry Service

We know that your business is to ensure that people are stress free, but for you there is stress all around. As you wish to offer your clients with the best stress free services. So to help you gain some peace of mind, we are offering you our laundry services. We know that you want things done on time, and we will ensure that they are. We understand that your business runs on fresh towels, sheets, and other washables; so there is no room for error.

Medical / Healthcare Laundry Service

You are in a business where there can be no compromise on hygiene, no matter if they are scrubs, patient gowns, bed linen, or lab coats. Each and every washable has to be cleaned exactly as asked. Which is why we can confidently say, that we understand your requirements; and we are capable of handling your laundry load.