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Forget laundry pains - Boston Laundry Inc. will handle your dental office laundry
October 8, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Boston laundry inc handles dental laundry

Your dental office has a lot of new demands with the onset of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

But Boston Laundry Inc. is here to keep you and your employees safe during these challenging times.

We can help your dental practice continue to operate smoothly by providing fast and effective laundry services for gowns, scrubs, coats, or any other laundry needs your office may have.

New safety protocols require medical offices to wear additional protective gear at all times. This means a lot more laundry to keep gowns and scrubs clean. But who has the time or energy to handle the extra work?

Boston Laundry Inc can handle all your dental office laundry needs. Here’s how:

We launder all scrubs, gowns, and coats with a safe and strong detergent.

We know that dental workers are pretty much in the front lines of potential COVID-19 exposure. And with that, dentists and dental hygienists need properly laundered scrubs to prevent any spread of disease or possible contamination outside the office. Boston Laundry Inc. uses a strong and safe detergent, as well as high temperatures, to properly launder scrubs, gowns, coats, and linens. And we know how to launder all these items without causing damage or shrinkage! That’s one less thing for you and your dental team to worry about.

Our quick and safe turnaround ensures you receive clean laundry on time.

Transporting soiled dental office laundry can be a big headache, even without the additional concern about COVID-19 contact. But Boston Laundry Inc. will come to your office for a safe pickup and drop off, so your only laundry concern will be gathering items that need cleaning. And with a 24-hour turnaround, we’ll be able to bring back your office laundry in no time.

Need to repair your dental coat or scrubs? We can help with that.

Have a tear in your coat? Scrubs too long for your legs? With Boston Laundry Inc., you don’t have to worry about repairs to your coat or scrubs. We have a tailor on staff that mends tears and tailors in no time. So if you need adjustments to your dentist jacket, tailoring for your scrubs, or something else, just let us know! We’d be happy to help.

As time goes by, we realize that the pandemic has a long term effect on our businesses. Unfortunately, this is not likely to end anytime soon. But we don’t have to put our lives or businesses on pause!

Boston Laundry Inc. is here to support your dental practice as you make necessary changes. We promise to be communicative, prompt, and professional with your business.

At the end of the day, we know that your focus should remain on what’s important: keeping you, your staff, and your patients safe.

Curious what services might help lighten the laundry load at your dental practice? Contact us today to learn more!