July 22nd, 2020

Boston Laundry, Inc.: Bringing laundry services into the modern age

Boston Laundry, Inc.: Bringing laundry services into the modern age

Let’s face it: Laundry’s a chore. Chances are, there’s always something else you’d rather do.

Well, now you can. With Boston Laundry, Inc. at your service, you’ll never have to wash another load again.

Whether you want to offload your family’s weekly hamper of laundry, need to outsource your business’ towel needs, or prefer dry cleaning for those special outfits, we’re here to help. You’ll have more time to take care of the things that matter most to you.

Keep reading to learn why we’re the MVP you never knew you needed.

Who we are

Boston Laundry, Inc. is a family-owned business operating in Boston since 1986.

In recent years, the second generation of our family has taken up the ropes and modernized the business to make cleaning your clothes, towels, and fabrics easier than ever (more on that below).

In addition to your regular laundry needs, we also offer our services to gyms, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Whether you have dirty towels, bedsheets, napkins, tablecloths, or curtains, we’ll take them off your hands and bring them back neat and clean.

We’ve also worked with spa, beauty, massage, and physical therapy companies, so we’re here to help, no matter what your laundry needs look like.

What sets us apart

We’ve developed an app to let you schedule your laundry appointments online. On the date and time of your appointment, we’ll pick up, wash, fold, and deliver your laundry — all in a matter of days.

Our laundromat setup features machines in different sizes, so we can process your inventory separately from those from our other customers. You’ll never have to worry about losing your clothes and fabrics, or having others’ mixed up with yours.

We’ve also recently invested in RFID technology to keep track of all the towels we rent out to customers. We’ll know when they leave our facility, when they’re delivered to you, and when they return to us. Why? So if any towels get lost or damaged, you only get charged for the exact amount — and you’ll know that we’re not making any numbers up.

Services we offer

The main services we offer include:

  • Traditional wash, dry, and fold laundry services
  • Towel rentals and laundry
  • Dry cleaning

Do you have any leather or suede clothing that needs a refresh? Bring them in too! We have extensive experience in cleaning these premium materials, so we understand the special care that they require to look their best.

We also do shoe repairs and alterations — bring your whole outfit in for some TLC, and we’ll take care of the rest. It certainly saves you a trip to your local shoe repair shop.

And if you have clothes or inventory that need to be laundered on a regular basis, make sure to check out our subscription options. Our easy-to-understand pricing gives you a flat rate for each pound of laundry you order, and we offer added perks like speedy delivery and free bleach and other add-ons if needed.

Check us out today

If you live in the greater Boston area (or central Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, or northern Rhode Island), why not give Boston Laundry, Inc. a try?

Our affordable pricing and professional service makes us a great partner for your business and the MVP your family can rely on for your laundry needs.

Book your appointment with us online, or contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any of our services.

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