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Boston Laundry Inc Wash and Fold Service Allows You to Have Free Time
November 19, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Boston laundry inc online booking for wash and fold gives you free time to lay in a hammock

With the kids staying home, everyone staying indoors, and managing the upcoming holiday season, laundry can seem like just one more thing you have to deal with.

Luckily, with Boston Laundry Inc, you can save yourself time and energy with our wash and fold service.

And you can quickly set up your order using our online booking platform!

Boston Laundry Inc. recently implemented an online booking platform so our customers can easily schedule wash and fold, dry cleaning, and more. And with our 24-hour turnaround time, we’ll be able to help out you and your family effectively.

So let’s say you use our fast and affordable wash and fold services; what do you do with your newfound time? We’re glad you asked.

Here are 3 things you can do with the time you’ll save by using Boston Laundry Inc’s wash and fold services.

1. Start to learn a new language.

Learning a new language (or any new hobby) often only takes about an hour or two each week. If you think about it, laundry typically takes at least an hour a week, sometimes more for families and big households. But by removing laundry from your to do list, you could free up enough time to start to expand your linguistic horizons. Take an hour or more to learn Spanish, Japanese, or even American Sign Language!

2. Get your spring cleaning done early.

Why wait to do spring cleaning? Since we’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, it’s time to make your house your castle. Take the extra hour or two you’d spend laundering, and start to clean out your house or apartment. By doing so, you’ll free up space and declutter your environment. This will help improve your mental well-being and allow you to stretch out even in a studio apartment.

3. Take time for yourself.

Addressing your mental health is extremely important these days. So why not use the time you’d spend doing laundry to treat yourself to a few hours of “me time”? Boston Laundry Inc can handle your linens, shirts, and more while you take a bubble bath, video chat with a friend, or zen out to your favorite yoga class. You’ll be glad to have the time to recenter and regroup.

Ultimately, we know that sometimes wash and fold service may not seem like a necessary expense. But we also know that investing in your self-care is incredibly helpful in stressful times. So why not give yourself a little extra time and energy each week? Boston Laundry Inc can provide you with one-off service, ongoing laundry subscriptions, 24-hour turnaround service, contactless pickup and drop off, and online booking.

Ready to treat yourself to wash and fold service?

Contact us today to get started!