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Guests quarantining for the holidays? Boston Laundry Inc. can help.
October 29, 2020 at 4:00 AM
Boston Laundry Inc can help with holiday laundry

The holidays are fast approaching.

Families are planning to travel in a whole new way, as they keep safety and sanitation in mind.

But Boston Laundry Inc. is here to help hotels, Airbnb hosts and rental agencies, as well as individual families prepare for the holiday season.

Everyone is working to find the best way to celebrate safely for the holidays. Whether it’s quarantining in a hotel before seeing loved ones or having the whole family meet up in one location for several weeks, folks are getting creative. Hotels, Airbnb hosts, seasonal rental agencies, and even individuals should think ahead to make sure they have laundry options available for their guests.

So how will this year’s travel season be different when it comes to laundry? There are a few things to keep in mind.

Guests who travel by plane will likely want to launder their clothes right away.

Even though airlines are taking every precaution possible, guests who travel by plane will want to launder their clothing as soon as they arrive at their destination. So you’ll need to have laundry options available for them. Boston Laundry Inc. provides pick up and drop off service and can have laundry returned within 24 hours. So you can confidently welcome your guests and give them peace of mind by limiting the risk of contamination.

Hosts will need to provide ongoing laundry services for guests.

This year, people will be staying at hotels and family homes for several days or weeks instead of just a few key days. So it’s essential to provide ongoing laundry options for your guests. And since guests will want to limit their contact as they quarantine, it’s a great idea to use a third-party laundry service to handle their personal items. Boston Laundry Inc. can handle personal laundry per CDC recommendations, as well as provide tailoring and repair services. So whether it's managing the linens and towels or a couple loads of shirts, we're here to help.

Seasonal rentals will need to follow new CDC guidelines for laundering linens and towels.

We know most Airbnb, VRBO, and other seasonal rental companies have a lot on their plate. From handling your own home for the holidays to managing multiple properties, laundry is just one more thing to remember. And now, with new guidelines for laundering linens and towels, it can take more time to make sure your guests are safe during their stay. Boston Laundry Inc. can help lighten the load. We’ll wash your property laundry for you per CDC guidelines, leaving you more time to handle your busy holiday schedule. Using a third-party laundry service will also keep you and your family safe while your guests are quarantining comfortably at a distance.

Even though the holiday season may look a little different this year, Boston Laundry Inc. can make sure it’s still a very merry and bright one. Our quick turnaround and high-quality service will ensure you provide the best experience possible for your guests. And you’ll be able to manage your workload more efficiently while keeping you and your guests safe.

We’re here to make sure you can handle any unique challenges this holiday season may bring.

Curious about how Boston Laundry Inc. might be able to help you with your holiday guests?

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