November 25th, 2020

Need Stellar Leather and Suede Cleaning Service? Boston Laundry Inc. Can Help.

Need Stellar Leather and Suede Cleaning Service? Boston Laundry Inc. Can Help.

With winter weather upon us, many people are digging into their closets to find a plethora of neglected winter coats.


Boston Laundry Inc. is here to make sure your coats look good as new, including your leather and suede items.

Most people aren’t sure where to go to have their leather or suede items cleaned. They do a quick online search to see if they can clean their leather items at home and find a ton of DIY instructions. Excuse us while we cringle a little bit. Because while you technically can use a few tricks to get out small stains and spots, these methods can damage your leather or suede favs.

So what do you do when you discover an old stain on your favorite suede jacket? Or when you have a large stain on your expensive leather purse? This high school letterman jacket isn’t going to clean itself!

We recommend using a cleaner who knows how to handle leather and suede material properly.

Boston Laundry Inc. has years of experience cleaning leather and suede. No matter the condition of your clothing, we’ll work our magic, so it looks good as new again. You can even use our online booking system to get started!

But how do you tell the difference between the stains you can get out at home and the stains that need a dry cleaner? To be honest, we believe you should always treat your leather or suede items with lots of care and recommend utilizing a professional for cleaning. But here are three stains Boston Laundry Inc. can handle when at-home leather care doesn’t cut it.


Oil stains are very hard to remove from leather or suede jackets and purses, especially old stains that have set over time. Some at-home cleaning tips recommend using cornstarch to soak up the oil, but this can do more harm than good. Boston Laundry Inc. can address oil stains and remove them without damaging your items.


When a pesky pen leaves an ink stain on your leather purse, some people recommend using rubbing alcohol to remove it. While we can appreciate the methodology behind this hack, rubbing alcohol can easily damage leather and suede. Our team of suede savvy experts will lift ink stains without affecting any other areas of your jacket or purse.


When you’ve tried everything from white vinegar to exorcism and still can’t seem to remove those stubborn old stains on your leather item, it’s time to call in the experts. Boston Laundry Inc. can check out set-in stains on your leather or suede jacket or purse and use our cleaning wizardry to remove it.

We all want to look slick and stay warm this winter. While cutting corners with at-home leather care can save money, it can also further damage or ruin your jacket or purse. Boston Laundry Inc. specializes in cleaning leather jackets, handbags, and more. We’ll safely clean your items so that they look even better than before.

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