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Why your Boston apartment complex needs laundry services
August 20, 2020 at 4:00 AM
apartment residents staying home due to the pandemic

Apartment complexes are doing everything they can to keep their tenants safe during the pandemic.

From increased cleaning of shared spaces to limiting social gatherings, apartment building managers have to take extra time to keep tenants safe during the pandemic.

That’s why adding laundry services in your boutique apartment complex is a great way to save time and energy while preventing an outbreak in your building.

While dirty clothing does not typically pose a threat for transmission, gathering in common areas does create an opportunity for tenants to share disease unintentionally. And it can be hard to monitor laundry rooms throughout the day. These initiatives take extra time and energy and often require residents to follow set laundry schedules to prevent overcrowding.

Boston Laundry Inc. dry cleaning and wash and fold services can help provide value to your boutique apartment complex while keeping your current residents safe. And our experience with laundering per CDC recommendations will give your tenants extra peace of mind. Here are a few other reasons why adding laundry service would greatly benefit your boutique apartment complex:

Residents frequently look for dry cleaning service as an amenity.

Potential renters and buyers typically weigh building amenities when deciding on their next home. And one of the most frequently requested services is dry cleaning and wash and fold. Even after the pandemic has subsided, tenants don’t always have enough time to do their laundry. So offering laundry services will give your building even more value and appeal.

Tenants who contract COVID can utilize laundry services while quarantining.

Even though we don’t wish for anyone to contract this virus, we know it can happen to anyone. And if that happens, tenants have to launder all their clothing, linens, and towels. They also have to limit contact with other residents and shared spaces, like laundry rooms and mailrooms. Offering off-site laundry services can provide a safe and sanitary option for ill residents as they focus on their health.

Decrease building utility costs by utilizing off-site laundry.

Laundry rooms can be a hefty ongoing investment for an apartment building. Many building managers have seen an increase in water usage, electricity, and maintenance for machines due to tenants staying home for the pandemic. By utilizing an off-site laundry service, residents can have their items cleaned and returned within 48 hours. This can reduce utility bills and reduce labor costs since building managers would not need to monitor laundry rooms.

Older residents will feel safer with wash and fold services.

Since older people are at higher risk of contracting a more severe case of COVID, many elderly tenants are hesitant to use laundry rooms. They may have difficulty finding alternatives or feel they cannot leave the building to go to the laundromat. By providing your residents with dry cleaning and wash and fold services, you can ensure that every resident has safe access to clean laundry.

We know you care about your tenants and want to keep them as comfortable as possible during this challenging time. And it can be hard to handle all the needs that come with managing a boutique apartment complex.

If you partner with Boston Laundry Inc. to give your residents an easy laundry service option, they’ll know that no matter what, laundry is the last thing they need to worry about.

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